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Hello haha, guys wear boxers because theyre comfortable, or its easier to use the bathroom. Girls In Tight Underwear. Hypnotized by breasts. Underwear for women is not only about panties but also brassiere bra.

It bothers me wearing undies so I just don't wear any at this point but yeah just thought I'd share that. Ryan Seacest XD and really? What does it say about you if you uncontrollably shit in your underwear? Removing bra during sleeping time will make our breathing process lighter.

Sign up or log in to share. I don't like them being tight tight likes pink prints onto my booty. Most girls just get used to it, the way they get used to wearing bras with metal wires that push against their ribs all day. Want to find a good looking and quality woman but not sure if they are true and serious?

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That said, there are certain types of undies you should try to avoid as much as possible, and there are some universal underwear rules that every woman should know about. Hollywood sexy hot video. Girls should wear nothing or boxers, and guys should wear briefs or thongs. What an awful end to my liberating week of letting my vag wander as free as a very free thing.

Are you saying that whores and strippers are a bad thing? Report as illegal activities? Coopres ligament is the supportive structure in our breast. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate.

For me, it all boiled down to comfort. Girls wearing tight underwear. Share on Facebook Share on Pinterest. Their band would peek out above my jeans, even though I was in high-waisted denim. Get more awesome in your life. Imagefap chubby mature. January 23, at 7: My Chemical Romance" and the other was "Lady Gaga vs.

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What if, instead of reaching for a clean thong after a shower, I simply reached for a pair of boxers instead? What I wear is like the thong picture, but my entire ass is still covered.

Women would look ridiculous with boxers all bunched up under a bodycon. Health Benefits and Uses of Durian Seeds. Is Wearing Tight Underwear Healthy? Preventing Us from Vagina Yeast Infection.

Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. Seeing that underwear was only invented to protect your pants from your asshole, the girl who wears no underwear at all could easily be too lazy to clean the countless pairs of wrecked panties that are balled up on her bathroom floor as a result of direct panty-to-asshole contact.

My high opinion of them only grew when I got home, took off my skirt, and just hung out. Please email inquiries quora. Girls wearing tight underwear. And don't even get me started on whatever the heck c-strings are meant for.

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