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So what are your stats? I like like hrs of play. Deepti bhatnagar boobs. As the thrills start to grow and the feelings in your penis start to get even more acute you involuntary start to move your hips, thrusting and pushing up to meet each of the Venus's downward strokes, as you would thrust into a partner, you begin to realise you cannot fight or hold out any longer, orgasm is only seconds away, you just have to give in to the all consuming pleasure, you are no longer in control of your body - then it happens, you feel your penis get even harder and start to a throb, the lubricated liner seems to become a even snugger and tighter fit if that's possible.

The machine works with or without an erection. Venus by sybian. The device works by sucking in the shaft of the user's penis when the tip is placed against the Venus 's opening before activation, using the partial vacuum created by the removal of air from the inner liner via the one-way valve at the closed end of the receiver. I ride my Sybian while his Venus gets him off.

Well I'm near that point. Brazilian nude girls pictures. Align Left Center Right None. Feedback sent successfully - click here to write another. We still hug, kiss, and cuddle but now we both can have all the orgasms we wish. Xbox Microsoft Play Parents 40 Hours Ships Brand New Html Originals Forward. You can leave it in and have it suckle your nips instead. Explore Venus, For Men, and more! Reply in reply to boscombe36 Show the comment.

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A possible anal type device that pumps in and out. Foot fetish sexting. Turn on the power, remove a little air from the sealed system by holding down one of the buttons on the remote control, the receiver will then suck you inside and slide slowly down the length of your penis until it can go no further.

I even found some email addresses of guys who had bought them, my curiosity got the better of me and I decided to write and ask them about this device. This one will drive a man wild. The joy and pleasure is unparalleled.

Comment cannot be longer than characters. Venus by sybian. Venus machine in use. You have not added any videos to your playlist. It feels sooooooo good it hurts. Kinky gf pics. Venus weighs 11 lb; the entire package is approximately 20 lb and is shipped in a box And how fast it strokes. I cannot describe how wonderful this is for me. In my opinion, the Venus is essentially a vibrator for guys. This is actually my favorite device.

Usually staying somewhere in the middle.

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Or you can have once suck your nuts and the other suck your cock. I don't recommend it at all. Milked to climax by my venus milking machine, see me orgasm in the tube. Preload Auto Metadata None. Edit Image Document Preview. Venus by sybian. Retrieved 25 January Over the next few months I did even more research and corresponded with more owners finding out everything I could about it.

When I purchased my Venus, I bought all of the attachments available. Too sensitive, But it can be good. Rouge the bat hypnosis. You can put the suction stopper on either opening. Any differences with using it with an erection?

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